You're Invited!
DOCS (A Workshop Event)
June 25, 2021 - 7pm ET

Thank you for considering supporting our artists by purchasing a "Pay-If-You-Want" ticket for the DOCS workshop experience.

What is DOCS?
DOCS is a transmedia performance framework for weaving narrative elements and open world exploration into a one-night mass audience digital event. That’s a lot of fancy ways of saying, we want to share an evolving story with you using group chats, memes, google drive folders, private living documents, and text-based roleplaying!

This experience can be thought of as a "beta" test. Feedback gathered from participants, and the things our team learns, will help to craft the full experience that will hopefully go into production in 2022.

Obviously, as an early supporter, we'll keep you posted personally!

When is DOCS?
Friday, June 25th, from 7pm - 10pm ET

The test run will be approximately two hours, followed by a one hour moderated post-mortem / feedback session with the devising team. Your experience and thoughts as beta testers are vital to the continued development of DOCS, and we’d love for you to stick around after and share your thoughts regarding what worked, what didn’t, etc. This will be a text-only chat feedback session, not an audio or video call, and it is completely voluntary.

If you wanna support us but can’t make a monetary contribution right now, we totally get it, and your feedback is as important as your funds. Please register at no cost at all using this form (no financial info will be asked). Note - a donation will NOT affect your level of participation in the experience.

We thank you for your support!

Questions? Please contact the DOCS team at