It's Giving Tuesday!
And arts orgs need your support!

Support Flying V
Flying V's been hard at work reimagining how a performing arts organization can exist in the modern age - and rediscovering our place in it.

All of our organization's confirmed values center around a single directive: putting people first in how we create and share art. It's no secret that independent non-profit performing arts organizations aren't able to throw piles of money at our artistic collaborators. And while we don't imagine anyone will ever be making millions at Flying V, we'd love to be able to continue to increase our artist and staff fees without also decreasing the number of folks we can hire, the scale of our projects, and frankly, the impact of our work.

So, help us make some arts creators (and administrators) smile with a Giving Tuesday donation. All individual gifts for 2022 go directly to artist fees! If you want to support us but can’t make a monetary contribution right now, we totally get it, and your feedback is as important as your funds. Please take a moment to send a note or a thought or an idea to

We thank you for your support!