It's Giving Season!
And Flying V has hitched a ride on the back of the star of Monstress: the Manananggal!

Support Flying V
Help us keep the Manananggal happy with a donation that supports the new audio-visual novelization of Monstress, as well as all the other works we've got in store for 2023!

"Well gosh, Flying V, we definitely want you all to keep creating amazing nerd culture art in 2023, and we definitely don't want whatever this scary thing is to be upset with us! How can we help?"

So here's the thing - the Manananggal eats babies. Specifically the unborn, but she's not picky when she's grumpy. And a lack of arts support makes her grumpy. Help us to reach our goal of $2,000 and save Executive Director Katherine's wee baby from the Manananggal. This amount shoullllld be enough to keep her happy and snacking elsewhere until we can get her about your talent rider, sheesh!

Check out the chart below to pick a giving level - know that all come with our deepest appreciation.

$25: CATFISH - The Manananggal spends the day as a beautiful woman, but by night she's a hideous hunter.

$50: MONSTRESS - She feeds on the unborn...for now!

$100: AIR SUPPORT - When she chooses, the Manananggal splits her body in two at the middle and sprouts wings, flying off in search of prey and leaving her legs behind...

$250: STUMPS - These legs are often left in mangrove swamps where they appear like tree stumps in the glow of the moon.

$500: HUNTER - How do you kill a Manananggal? Lore says that a sting ray spike through the heart will do the trick. Oceanic vampire hunting anyone?

If you want to support Flying V but can’t make a monetary contribution right now, we totally get it, and your feedback is as important as your funds. Please take a moment to send a note or a thought or an idea to

We thank you for your support!

And remember...