Announcing the return of The Pro Wrestling Intensive for the Actor!
The waitlist will be maintained on a first come first serve basis. And if spots open up in the workshop, we will reach out to waitlisted registrants in the order they signed up for the waitlist.
Should you not be moved off the waitlist, your $1 payment will be refunded.
You can request to be removed from the waitlist at any time.

The class is a weekend workshop running June 12th and 13th, 2021
9am to 5pm
There will also be an optional character building session the evening of June 11th, which can be attended in person, or virtually as participant schedules allow.
$300 total with a $50 deposit at the time of registration


This page is just info, on the next page you will input your payment information and submit your deposit to hold your spot in the workshop.


What IS the Intensive? -
Our thesis statement is

This intensive will look at the over the top, absurd, and often misunderstood world of professional wrestling through the eyes of the actor combatant.

Flying V & Renaissance Rumble are coming together as a group of actor combatants and professional wrestlers dedicated to creating spectacular pro wrestling shows for the stage and festival circuit.

All training will take place in Flying V's real 16' pro wrestling ring, so you will learn the true experience of the pros.

The instructors, Grizzly Joe Grasso and Mike Martin, have been training performers for the stage, screen, and ring for over 20 years and wrestle up and down the east coast as The Grimy Scots.
We will begin with proper cardio for ring stamina, running the ropes, and basic bumping (falls on the mat) then move on to learning safe technique for slams and chain wrestling. Of course, learning the techniques is only the beginning for creating theatrical violence. We will focus on safe wrestling almost equally with proper character development, working a crowd, and pre-match interview skills. The workshop concludes with a recorded, choreographed match where you will let your inner Hogan and Macho Man shine in a wrestling showcase!

All skill levels are welcome but bear in mind this training is extremely physically demanding. It will hurt. You will be sore.

So if you want to expand your stage combat skills, work on your elbow drop, or maybe you just want a trial run at your dreams of winning the World Heavyweight Championship in the squared circle at Madison Square Garden, tag in and have a blast in Silver Spring!

Dates - June 12th-June 13th
Time - 9am - 5pm )Lunch will not be provided, but a break to eat will. Attendees may bring their own lunch or grab food at any number of the locations within walking distance of the workshop)
Location - The Silver Spring Black Box - 8641 Colesville Road, Silver Spring, MD 20910
Class Limit - 14 Registrants
Cost - $300. If you are moved off of the waitlist before June 4th, $50 will be due at the time of your registration, with the remainder due June 4th. If you are moved off the waitlist after June 4th, we will request full payment at the time of registration.

All our instructors and staff have received their COVID vaccinations. We would like registrants to also be vaccinated by the workshop dates. Per the Black Box's policy, a COVID screening document and temperature check will be required for all participants when they arrive at the Black Box. Unless guidelines change, masks will be worn indoors at all times except during live performance.
Contact FVF Artistic Leads Joey Ibanez or Tim German with questions: or