Welcome to The Social Distance Showdown Registration!

On this page you will select and/or input your tuition payment amount.
On the next page you will input your payment information and submit your payment.

To Register you must first decide how much awesomeness you’re down to take on.

Weekend Pass - $80 USD (8 classes & 2 Panels) CLOSED AT 11:59pm EDT 5/15/20
1 Day Pass - $50 USD (4 Classes & 1 Panel) - This can be used for either Saturday or Sunday. These classes cannot be split up over the weekend.
À La Carte Classes - $15 USD/class (As many individual classes as you’d like)
Pay it Forward Classes - $15 USD/class (As many as you'd like to pay forward!) If you find yourself with a few extra dollars and would like to sponsor a class for someone else, select this option on the next page and input the amount that you'd like to donate in the appropriate box. We will use these funds to give folks without the means the opportunity to attend the workshop.
*Please Note, presently all scholarship requests have been fully funded thanks to the exceptional generosity of our participants! Further funds may be donated to the SAFD scholarship fund.

If you are ONLY purchasing a Weekend Pass OR a 1 Day Pass, please click on the applicable button and proceed to the next page. CLOSED AT 11:59pm EDT 5/15/20

If you are ONLY purchasing a SINGLE à la carte class, please click on the applicable button and proceed to the next page.

If you are purchasing ANYTHING ELSE, any combination of engagement options, (be in a few à la carte classes, a pass and a class, etc) please click the OTHER button, type in the amount applicable for your combination of classes.
(2 classes - $30, 3 classes - $45, 4 classes - $60)
(1 Day & 1 Class - $65, 1 Day & 2 Classes - at this point, just buy a Weekend Pass)

Please note that each registration is for one individual. If multiple people in your household will be using the same monitor for the same class(es), each individual will need to register and pay separately.

If you do not currently have the fiscal means to attend the workshop, for which there is no shame, you can register for our Paid Forward Scholarship wait-list HERE.
We have been overwhelmed by the graciousness of our fight family who have given to this fund! While we cannot guarantee you will receive a class, all applicants to-date have been fully funded. Classes will be assigned in the order of wait-list submissions were received.

For more information visit our website: humblewarriormovement.com/social-distance-showdown

Contact us with questions. SocialDistanceShowdown@gmail.com