Flying V Presents
Comedy Test Kitchen with Rae & Scott

Restaurant-quality comedy uses only the freshest available ingredients! Led by comedy professionals Rae and Scott, our new monthly drop-in Comedy Test Kitchen is a big greasy griddle for DMV sketch writers, stand-ups, improvisers, and performers new and old to come test out their latest recipes, or try one of our own. Workshops, prompts, and exercises provided, so come join your fellow weirdos and let's get cookin'. No experience or good judgement required.

When: Once a month - but the next one is August 21st (and then September 18th...)!

Where: Rehearsal Room, Silver Spring Black Box
(8641 Colesville Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20910)

What is a Comedy Test Kitchen?
According to Wikipedia, a culinary test kitchen is a kitchen used for the process of developing new kinds of food. Similarly, a comedy test kitchen is a place for experimenting with new kinds of jokes, from stand-up to improv to sketch to meme-making. From slapstick to satire to character humor to metajokes. Or even exciting fusion recipies that combine all of the above! Now you have a structured, supportive space where you can stretch beyond your comedy comfort zone and cook up something new and exciting!

How does the comedy test kitchen work?
Each comedy test kitchen will be different, but here's the rough structure we're using for this inaugural event:
1. Introductions
2. Warmup and idea-generation exercises
3. Break
4. Join the writer's room and work on a group project
-or- work independently
5. Workshop what we created and get feedback

Who should come to the comedy test kitchen?
Anyone who wants to be funny or learn more about comedy! Seriously, anyone. Writers are welcome. Improvisors and stand up comics are welcome. People with tons of experience are welcome. People with no experience are welcome. Even performers are welcome! After all, we'll need someone to bring all the jokes we write to life.

Contact Artistic Lead navi questions.