Under the Wing of Flying V Presents:
Swords & Sorcery: A World in Progress by Iris Dauterman

Swords & Sorcery: A World in Progress brings the high-velocity Flying V aesthetic
to a rich world of chaotic magic, wild fantasy, and endless adventure.
Commissioned from celebrated playwright Iris Dauterman (Sing To Me Now, Hatpin Panic),
this new play explores themes of self-discovery, cultural pressures, and defying expectations.

Your donation towards Swords and Sorcery: A World in Progress will go directly back to the artists involved
and any donation over $15 gains you an invite to join us for the workshop reading on
June 26th from at 7pm at Joe’s Movement Emporium.
Come see this work, three years in the making!!

A synopsis:
Dot was supposed to be the "Chosen One"-- at least, that's what everyone always told her. But in the climactic battle, someone else swept in to save the day. Years later, Dot wanders the wilderness, outcast from the kingdom that raised her to be their hero, until she finds herself pulled back to the adventuring life amidst rumors that her foe has returned. Aligned with a band of misfits who must battle against dark magical forces (and their own emotional baggage), these unlikely adventurers must journey through a world of chaos and secrets to unlock the mysteries of the past and prevent a horrible future.

Contact producer Dan Mori with questions. danielgmori@gmail.com